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Burger Boat Company  (Rate this company)

Company Information

Burger Boat Company designs and builds custom yachts, in aluminum and/or steel, ranging in sizes to 260' (80m). Since 1863 Burger has been recognized internationally for design, quality construction, seaworthiness, reliability and is the most respected custom yacht builder in America. The vessels built today successfully blend the rich heritage of experienced yacht building with the latest technologies and systems available in the marketplace. Sales offices are located at Burger’ headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and&nbspFort Lauderdale, Florida&nbspto serve clients from around the world.

Contact Details

Tel / Fax: 920 686 5117  /  +1 920 686 5144
Email Address: rcleveringa@burgerboat.com
Website: www.burgerboat.com




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36 superyachts built by BURGER

Name - Current Type LOA (m) Year ▾ Builder
LADY GAYLE MARIE Motor Yacht 42.70 2010 Burger Boat Company
SHADOWL Motor Yacht 43.30 2010 Burger Boat Company
SYCARA IV Motor Yacht 46.03 2009 Burger Boat Company
INGOT Motor Yacht 46.60 2008 Burger Boat Company
TO-KALON Motor Yacht 30.70 2008 Burger Boat Company
ARETI I Motor Yacht 38.70 2007 Burger Boat Company
T-ZERO Motor Yacht 38.70 2007 Burger Boat Company
MIM Motor Yacht 43.80 2006 Burger Boat Company
PATRIOT Motor Yacht 35.40 2005 Burger Boat Company
WOW Motor Yacht 32.34 2004 Burger Boat Company
BELLA UNA Motor Yacht 38.40 2003 Burger Boat Company
LIFE OF REILLEY Motor Yacht 34.45 2003 Burger Boat Company
ANNE MARIE Motor Yacht 32.60 2002 Burger Boat Company
AR-DE Motor Yacht 37.20 2002 Burger Boat Company
SARAH BETH Motor Yacht 32.92 2001 Burger Boat Company
ELIZABETH R Motor Yacht 32.00 2000 Burger Boat Company
FAE LON Motor Yacht 35.97 2000 Burger Boat Company
AVA'L Motor Yacht 31.40 1999 Burger Boat Company
INGOT Motor Yacht 32.30 1998 Burger Boat Company
INTERMISSION Motor Yacht 30.80 1998 Burger Boat Company
SILVER SEAS Motor Yacht 32.60 1998 Burger Boat Company
LADY CATEE Motor Yacht 30.00 1997 Burger Boat Company
SEA BOUND Motor Yacht 30.70 1996 Burger Boat Company
LADY IRIS Motor Yacht 32.55 1991 Burger Boat Company
GRENADIER Motor Yacht 31.40 1990 Burger Boat Company
TWILIGHT Motor Yacht 34.80 1985 Burger Boat Company
INDEPENDENCE Motor Yacht 32.52 1984 Burger Boat Company
STONEFACE Motor Yacht 32.28 1978 Burger Boat Company
MIMI Motor Yacht 39.62 1977 Burger Boat Company
CHANTICLEER Motor Yacht 33.53 1973 Burger Boat Company
KOALA Motor Yacht 32.00 1967 Burger Boat Company
GALLANT LADY Motor Yacht 31.08 1961 Burger Boat Company
KATANIA Motor Yacht 30.50 1961 Burger Boat Company
MISTY FJORDS Motor Yacht 41.45 1943 Burger Boat Company
TANNIS Motor Yacht 34.44 1929 Burger Boat Company
NORTHLAND Motor Yacht 31.50 Burger Boat Company


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Press Releases

Burger Boat Company at Palm Beach International Boat Show    
Tue, 20 Mar 2018
More Details

Burger to share updates on several projects currently in progress. MANITOWOC, Wis., (March 20, 2018) – Burger’s team will be available at the Palm Beach International Boat Show to discuss her construction, plans for the future and opportunities for new yacht owners to explore a relati...

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Burger at Newport Brokerage Boat Show    
Sun, 10 Sep 2017
More Details

Come see us at the Newport Brokerage Boat Show, September 14 - 17. We'd love to catch up and discuss our latest projects, including Hull 510, a 103'-6" Explorer Yacht, and the new Burger 48 Cruiser. Let's discuss a life without limits and how Burger Boat Company can help craft your journey...

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Burger Boat Company in the News

Yachtzoo announces new CEO More Details

Yachtzoo has announced that its partners have appointed David Ross as CEO of its US office, effective 7 July 2016.

Read in full (this will open the article in a new window)
Burger Boat Company begins construction of 31.5m superyacht More Details

Following the contract signing in September 2015, the American shipyard has confirmed that construction of a 31.5m superyacht has begun.

Read in full (this will open the article in a new window)
Sycara IV undergoes $9.5 million price reduction More Details

Merle Wood Associates and Burgess reduce the price of Sycara IV by $9.5 million

Read in full (this will open the article in a new window)
BYS team incorporated by Ocean Independence More Details

Following the industry announcement that the brokerage arm of Burger Boat Company has closed, with its facilities and associates moving to Ocean Independence, SuperyachtNews.com spoke with new President of the Americas for Ocean Independence, Thom Conboy.

Read in full (this will open the article in a new window)
Phase one of Hyatt Pier 66 renovation complete More Details

Phase one of the $20m renovation project of Hyatt Pier 66 has been completed ahead of the start of FLIBS, with hopes that the final phase will be completed on time.

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USSA announces 2013-2014 board of directors More Details

The U.S Superyacht Association has named its board of directors for 2013-2014, as elected in October 2013, with John Mann, III, of Bluewater Books and Charts continuing on as chairman.

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Burger recruits Thom Conboy to head commercial activity More Details

Burger Boat Company has appointed Thom Conboy as its new commercial director. Conboy will also head Burger Yacht Sales.

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How can we save time with new build projects? More Details

Owners open up about the sometimes long and arduous build process and how they plan to save time and money.

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Vripack finds winner for 'No Nonsense' campaign More Details

Hundreds of mini superyachts named 'No Nonsense' were given out to Monaco Yacht Show goers last year. Competition entrants were asked to imagine, and capture, where she could go if she could 'go anywhere'? Now the winner and the many zany entries are announced.

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After 25 years DRSA becomes CSA More Details

To mark the company's 25th anniversary, DRSA has been renamed C. Smith Associates (CSA). The superyacht lighting solutions provider has also introduced a number of new products to its portfolio.

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Week in Superyacht Brokerage: sales include 36.5m ‘Vitamin’ and 42m ‘Istros’ More Details

In the second week of August there were positive levels of brokerage activity. 15 new CAs were listed alongside 14 price reductions and five sales...

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International Superyacht Society announces annual election results More Details

The International Superyacht Society has announced the results of its annual elections. Those elected will serve terms up to 2013.

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