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28 Sep 2018

Marina Ibiza celebrated the third edition of its children's regatta < Back

By IPM Group

Last weekend, the third edition of Marina Ibiza Children’s Regatta took place in collaboration with Club Náutico de Ibiza, with a new and interesting environmental focus which, as well as encouraging children to do sport and boost their passion for the sea right from an early age, sought to show them how to be more environmentally-aware, helping instil in them the need to look after their surroundings and the environment in which they enjoy their nautical hobbies.

To this end, an extra event was incorporated into the weekend where the children from the sailing club, in collaboration with Vellmarí and Trasmapi under their slogan Be Blue/Think Green, carried out a diving activity to clean the seabed in a location close to the marina, collecting almost 100 kilos of waste, the majority of which was plastic. Divided into three categories depending on the age of the children and under the guidance of instructors, they made several dives, some with PETER diving, others with snorkels, and for some this was an exciting diving baptism.

This new day event of an educational and entertaining nature generated great anticipation amongst all those participating as, apart from having a great time, there was the dual incentive of winning prizes for each plastic bottle collected and a prize for the person who collected most.

Trasmapi set up a plastic recycling machine that issued points for each bottle which could be exchanged for gifts, and scales to check which of the children had collected most waste in each category.

On Sunday, meanwhile, the regatta took place in the marina's basin that this year celebrated its third edition with Optimist and Laser class boats. In total, 32 sailors took part with 25 boats from the Optimist class and 7 boats from the Laser class, all members of Club Náutico de Ibiza, who enjoyed a sunny day with southerly winds of 5 to 6 knots, permitting them to participate in scheduled competitions from midday.

Prizes were awarded at Marina Ibiza at the end of the regatta. Restaurante Calma played host to all the competitors who were eager to find out the results of the regatta and the plastic collected from the seabed of Talamanca Beach that had taken place the day before.

The winners who collected the most plastic during the day’s diving were Maura Ramón and Andrea Yern.

In the general classification of the Optimist class, Maura Ramón once again made off with the trophy; in Optimist Initiation, the winner was Raquel Riera; and Marc Guasch won in the Laser class.


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