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06 Feb 2019

Free Hydraulic Steering Gear service < Back

By Wills Ridley Ltd

Wills Ridley are one of the most experienced hydraulic steering gear designers and manufacturers in the world, supplying the maritime industry in the Superyacht, Military and Commercial industry since 1963 in our UK manufacturing facility in Cornwall, UK. 

 Complying to all classification societies.

 Wills Ridley currently offer a free no obligation remote service for any vessels (whether Wills Ridley equipment is currently installed or not).

 The offer is limited to February & March 19.

 Most people have access to a mobile phone with a camera on. Simply record the following videos and send:

Video 1: The hydraulic actuators moving from hard over to hard over.

Video 2: The Power Pack (showing the pressure gauge) at max ahead speed turning hard over to hard over, where safe to do so)

 Video 3: The manual and/or electrical controls moving the rudders from hard over to hard over. 

 Please state the vessel name and any reference numbers available for the equipment on board. 

 The Wills Ridley technical team will review the videos and suggest any spares or upgrade (with no obligation). If any upgrades are required, advice will be given on how to do this in the most efficient way, keeping as much of the existing system as possible on the Retro fit - examples of this are adding stations, changing to full follow up steering, converting a rotary vane hydraulic unit to a linear conventional hydraulic steering system. 

 Please email info@wills-ridley.com and one of our engineers will be happy to assist.

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