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Buyer sentiment July 2020

SuperyachtNews’ buyer sentiment analysis is an ongoing project that tracks client attitudes More

One to One: Derek Munro

Derek Munro, director at Divergent Yachting, discusses what we can be doing better in the new build process More

'Topaz' embroiled in the 1MDB asset recovery operation

'Topaz', now named 'A+', was partially funded by misappropriated funds from the 1MDB sovereign wealth fund More

Talking without action is just talking

She of the Sea reveals its global network of advisors, ambassadors and signatories thus far More

Steady growth for Shipyard Supply Co.

Luke Porter, commercial manager, provides an update as the company commences its plans for 2021/22 More

Ferretti Group Asia Pacific goes from strength to strength

Insights into Ferretti Group’s continued expansion across the region More

Palumbo Marseille announces discount package for superyachts

Palumbo Superyachts Refit Marseille has devised a discount package as an anti-COVID-19 measure More

One to One: Craig Norris

The CEO of Victoria International Marina discusses how the service and maintenance sector in the Pacific can best cater for a growing volume of tra... More

Futureproofing facilities for new-build and refit

Extensive infrastructure investment has positioned Oceanco at the forefront of turnkey custom superyacht projects More

The Buyer Journey

We are inviting the industry’s most respected advisors to impart their own best practice and due diligence on each segment of The Buyer Journey More



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