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Superyacht Operating Systems  (Rate this company)

Company Information

TOTAL SUPERYACHT - The Future of Vessel Management Software

Featuring a modern user-friendly interface that is fully paperless and automates workflow within and between all departments.
• Compliance - fully digital ISM, ISPS & MLC
• Checklist App
• Planned & Unplanned Maintenance, Critical Systems Reports
• Drill Reports, Risk Assessments, Permits to Work
• Inventory
• In/Out Board
• Hours of Rest
• Vessel & Crew Certificate Tracker
• Crew & Passenger Lists (USCG & IMO)
• Digital Reference Center

We believe in data flow rather than data entry - no double entry.

Our compliance modules are the most comprehensive on the market and are designed to streamline compliance admin for both the yacht crew and the management company.

Yachts are able to keep their data when they switch ISM providers.

Management Companies have a complete overview of their fleet with automatic analytics.

The built in DRC consists of hundreds of reference cards from global experts resulting in an encyclopaedia for all things superyachting - available to crew with just a few clicks on the iPad.

Works on PC, Mac, Linux and iPads. Choose from Checklist App, Mini ISM or Full ISM versions.

See our FREE document library used by over 3,000 professional yacht crew.

Contact Details

Tel / Fax: +61 419 776 166
Email Address: master@superyachtos.com
Website: www.TotalSuperyacht.com
Tel / Fax: +61 400 667 772  /  Skype: TotalSuperyacht
Email Address: app@superyachtos.com
Website: www.superyachtos.com
Tel / Fax: +61 404 377 917
Email Address: support@SuperyachtOS.com
Website: www.TotalSuperyacht.com




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Press Releases

Meet the SuperyachtOS Team at MYS    
Mon, 24 Sep 2018
More Details

The team from Superyacht Operating Systems will be at the Monaco Yacht Show this week meeting clients and providing Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software and Luxe SOP System Knowledge Centre demonstrations. Total Superyacht demonstrations are fully booked on Wednesday but there are a few sl...

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Renowned Master of Havana Cigars joins Luxe App    
Tue, 07 Aug 2018
More Details

Superyacht Operating Systems is proud to announce Paola Paolillo as the latest addition to the growing number of experts collaborating on the groundbreaking Luxe SOP System Knowledge Center . Paola is the first female Master of Havana Cigars in the UK and part of a very small, elite group...

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Josephine Ive joins the Luxe Knowledge Centre Lineup    
Tue, 31 Jul 2018
More Details

Superyacht Operating Systems is delighted to announce Josephine Ive as an expert collaborator for the groundbreaking Luxe SOP System Knowledge Centre . As a valet expert, she provides us with unmatched information about Guest Personal Care and Etiquette. Josephine, one of the UK’s first...

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Mon, 28 May 2018
More Details

Following the massive success of the Digital Reference Center (previously built in to the Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software), Superyacht Operating Systems has launched its latest product – the Luxe App. The Luxe App is a Standard Operating Procedures System—a complete solution for ...

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SOS Transforming the way Yachts Produce SOPs    
Tue, 24 Apr 2018
More Details

Following successful attendances at the Singapore Yacht Show and the YARE Networking event in Italy, the Superyacht Operating Systems team will attend the upcoming Palma Superyacht Show

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Seedlip Luxury "Mocktails" featured in Total Superyacht's DRC    
Tue, 12 Dec 2017
More Details

Solving the dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking’ After just two years on the luxury beverage scene, Seedlip -- the world's first line of distilled non-alcoholic spirits -- has made quite an impression. Stocked in an impressive list of Michelin-starred restaurants, in...

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Richard Perkins Chosen as Total Superyacht's Carpet Upholstery Car...    
Thu, 30 Nov 2017
More Details

Total Superyacht is proud to announce Richard Perkins of Interior Technology Services (ITS) as the global expert for carpet and upholstery care for the Digital Reference Center. ITS is a renowned interior and exterior fabric maintenance service for yachts. It was established in 19...

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Superyacht Operating Systems Donating Major Prize to GUEST Table Setting Comp    
Tue, 19 Sep 2017
More Details

The SOS Team are proud to announce donation of one year’s subscription to the Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software, Checklist App and DRC as part of the prize for the Overall Winning Yacht for all three elements of the G.U.E.S.T. Table Setting, Cocktail and Canapé Competition at the Mona...

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Superyacht Operating Systems Welcomes “Beautiful Booze” as new DR...    
Mon, 11 Sep 2017
More Details

Cocktails play an important part in luxury hospitality service, and no interior crew is complete without at least one well-rounded mixologist who can inspire charter guests with beautiful cocktails and t antalize their taste buds with wonderful flavors. That being said, muddling mojitos an...

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Total Superyacht’s Silver Expert adds his Shine to the Digital Referenc...    
Thu, 07 Sep 2017
More Details

When the Superyacht Operating Systems (SOS) team created their new Digital Reference Center —a vast encyclopaedia of all things superyachting—they searched the world for the most respected experts in every field. The aim was to ensure the highest quality and reliability of information, availab...

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Superyacht Operating Systems to Launch New Product at Monaco Yacht Show    
Fri, 01 Sep 2017
More Details

The Superyacht Operating Systems team will be providing demonstrations of the Total Superyacht Vessel Management Software and launching their brand new Digital Reference Center (DRC) at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Digital Reference Center is an industry first resource for superyacht crew and luxur...

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Superyacht Operating Systems in the News

The impact of standard operating procedures More Details

How can SOPs increase efficiency and professionalism on board superyachts?

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GUEST crew workshop: Antibes More Details

Partner Content: A look at the latest G.U.E.S.T. workshop for interior crew, hosted in Antibes.

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Answering an industry SOS? More Details

Superyacht Operating Systems has launched its TotalCompliance software solution, which claims to manage a yacht's regulatory imprint, as well as the on board operational elements offered by other software solutions. SuperyachtNews.com examines whether this program answers the industry's cry for r...

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Superyacht Operating Systems More Details

Second Officer Dan Stevens explains how Superyacht Operating Systems' vessel-management software has helped him progress up the ranks and better manage his team and time in the yard.

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