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The Lighthouse Consultancy  (Rate this company)

Category: Agents

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The Lighthouse Consultancy supports Superyachts exploring the incredible cruising grounds of Indonesia, providing logistical assistance along with provisions and cruising guides for a total 360° service.

The consultancy has an extensive network of local and international partners throughout the archipelago, offering a multitude of services across the remote regions of Indonesia.

Lighthouse offers Superyacht support Indonesia wide, from Sumatra to Papua, along with the main cruising grounds of Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat and everywhere in between.

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Press Releases

The Lighthouse Consultancy appoints Ana Coll as part of its consultancy team    
Wed, 22 Feb 2017
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The Lighthouse Consultancy has expanded by employing experienced yachtswoman Ana Coll as part of their consultancy team, providing 360° shore support services in Indonesia.

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Testimonial from Captain Nolan Ross Captain M.Y. SERENITY J    
Fri, 10 Jun 2016
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In 20 1 5 , M/Y Seren i ty J visited I ndones i a twic e , i n May/June/July and again in Oct/Nov and used Andy and Kerry and the team at l i ghthouse both times as our l ocal agents. I ndones i a is a fantastic but somewhat daunting dest i nat i on w i th i ts count l ess i s l and s , remote lo...

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