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14 May 2015
By AYSS Association of Yacht Support Services

News from Sam Bell from Kaleva Yachting Services in Vanuatu and AYSS Council Member tells us why Vanuatu should still be headline news:

'We have been flat out here with our next big boat arriving so we have been frantically getting ready and trying to get the NGOs to work with us I don't think they are used to us just yet ! We have been well received by everyone and asked to get this movement going for other yachts in the Pacific so we think we're doing well. We have a project that we're trying to fund with a pontoon barge and a water maker to deliver water and start to rehabilitate the outer islands, there really are few ways to get to the islands and we're coming into the dry season with an El Niño year so extra dry. Normally the islands are low on water in October and November but because of the cyclone they are already low on water. We have phone meetings this week to try and get businesses to support the project to try and get things like guttering at a lower cost. Our project is a 3 month project to deliver 1million litres of water for less than 30c a litre and re install guttering in 450 homes.'

The AYSS would like to thank the owners & crew of Superyachts, Dragonfly & Umbra for giving up their valuable yachts and their valuable time for this incredible cause. Let us keep the support going and help us raise $2000 for Vanuatu. Read more about how the disaster relief efforts by YachtAidGlobal are carrying on each day & how you or your company can donate to the fund.

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