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06 Oct 2016
By Aqueous Guard® Marine

Aqueous Marine Guard is bringing a new way of thinking to the supply, application and support of high performing ceramic based super yacht coatings.

Aqueous Marine Guard is offering a solution that directly challenges the current high prices of ceramic based super yacht coatings and the requirement for the use of specialist application companies.    

Currently the majority of super yacht ceramic coating suppliers will only offer a product and application service together and not as individual options. This comes at an unnecessarily high cost to the customer and is the driving force behind Aqueous Marine Guards approach to the supply of ceramic based super yacht industry coatings.

Aqueous Marine Guard is making their coatings accessible to the professional industry, including polishers, painters and refinishers, by providing them directly with the full range of Aqueous Marine Guard products and comprehensive technical support. Full training and support can also be provided to yacht crews.

Once you’ve discussed your requirements, the technical team at Aqueous Marine Guard will travel worldwide at a pre-agreed fee and provide full training in the application of their coatings. By the time the team is on their way back you’ll be fully certified to apply the products meaning the only cost moving forward is product. The Aqueous Marine Guard support does not end there, the team is always on hand to provide guidance and advice. 

In 2016 Aqueous Marine Guard products have been used on a global scale including being applied to super yachts with remarkable results. With a growing distribution network and fully certified application partners in the Caribbean, Spain, France and Florida, why not get in touch to see first-hand the realistic prices and exceptional product performance.

The below testimonial has been received from Captain Brendan Furey of M/Y Integrity. 

“Aqueous have applied the ceramic coating to our water line and all our exterior stainless. This amazing coating cuts days off our exterior crew polishing time. The fumes from engines and generators, just falls off when wiped with a glove. And the stainless stays polished and rust free for almost the entire season.” 

Mark Childs, Co-owner and Technical Sales Director said. "We are looking to supply our coatings to the industry network of painters and polishers worldwide, with the full support of the team in application and understanding of our ceramic coating technology. It’s time that the industry is able to use this type of technology at a practical cost whilst also maintaining the quality desired by the yachts. It is our focus to offer these products professionally with the full support from our worldwide travelling team ensuring the entire range of benefits including; reduced cleaning times, chemical resistance, UV stability and protection from diesel soot staining. With already certified users on a global scale the aim is to increase our network enabling captains / owners access to the products for their vessels. We are looking forward to the future of Aqueous Marine Guard."   

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