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31 May 2018

Spectacular emergency drill at IPM Group marinas < Back

By IPM Group

As every year, and as part of the security protocol, the staff of Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena participate in an important course to refresh and renew their knowledge when acting in case of emergency. Last Wednesday, this course was held where a whole day was devoted to theoretical classes by experts in the field, who would later put into practice exercises in both marinas and a fire drill in which all knowledge previously learnt was applied.

The marina staff performed theoretical classes on emergency matters and put into practice the management of hoses and fire extinguishers, while the reception staff participated in a protocol course to act on a possible case study.

In the afternoon, a simulation was carried out in which the reception staff, as well as the marina staff and security guard, applied all the protocols and action measures. It all started with a phone call from a captain alerting of a fire in a boat. From there, the action began, with the internal communication of the personnel of the marina, key points in cases of emergency and something that the experts who taught the course applauded the staff for the clarity in the transmission of the message.

To give a bit more adrenaline and reality to the simulation, one of the sailors pretended to have been trapped on the side of the pontoon, unable to cross through the flames. Likewise, there was a fictitious victim who, trying to escape the fire, fell to the ground dislocating his shoulder, whom they had to rescue in an auxiliary vessel and had to be treated until the emergency services arrived.

Staff of the Balearic Islands Port Authority were interested in this activity and were present with the intention of encouraging the marina to carry out this type of activity more often.  They are part of the company policy in terms of security and not only focussed on the safety of customers and boats, but also on the safety of  staff personnel. For this reason, emphasis is placed on instructing and providing such knowledge to workers.

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