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09 Apr 2020

European 4G Roaming Data Plans < Back

By RoamingExpert Yachts

Since entering the yachting industry in 2014, RoamingExpert have constantly looked for ways to provide both affordable and flexible mobile roaming solutions to the industry.


With mobile roaming costs in some countries incurring high charges, it is more important than ever to have a reliable cost effective solution in place to prevent unexpected large bills.


For 2020, RoamingExpert have built a range of data solutions billed ‘The best European 4G data plans available on the market!’ The plans focus heavily on alerting, with users receiving both spend and usage alerts to ensure they are aware of the quantity of data used and its cost.


The solutions have been split into two different offerings to cater for most vessels’ usage:


Flexible solutions:


These plans are very flexible and suited to larger vessels, or smaller vessels with a higher data usage.

The Premium tariff offers the widest choice of 4G networks across Europe including (but are not limited to) Orange and Movistar in Spain and TIM and Wind in Italy, ensuring you have the best choice of network wherever you are.

The Standard tariff is ideal for vessels which may require extra data in any given month. 4G is available in every European Mediterranean country (except Montenegro), but most countries will only have one network available.


Small vessel Solution:


A very affordable set of plans, ideal for small vessels or low usage requirements. These plans have no flexibility and cannot be upgraded to our flexible plans mid-month and extra data cannot be added.


All solutions offer:

A flat per GB rate as opposed to a tiered approach

Month to month contract

No admin fees or deposit

Free suspension when required

Alerting at certain spend and data usage throughout the month.


Bespoke plans can also be built to suit specific needs if required.


Mark Pattman, Managing Director, RoamingExpert says “Before building a new range of plans we always look at previous tariffs and discuss feedback from our customers. I believe the European data plans we have put together for 2020 are the perfect solution for our customers and the best available on the market.”


With a global presence, please get in touch for full details of all mobile roaming solutions and hardware.


E: enquiry@roamingexpert.yachts

P: +44 (0)3300 555 777

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