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14 Sep 2020
By Wrede Consulting GmbH

This year with its ongoing pandemic is taking a toll on almost everyone. Especially when it comes to activities or events, organizers had to get creative. And that is just what The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) did in order to still raise awareness and funds for global nature conservation projects. Due to the current situation, they are now holding their event online, which makes it the “Virtual London to Monaco”. Like last year, Wrede Consulting didn’t hesitate to join the challenge. This year surveyors Chris Jackson and Toni Robles will collect kilometres for the good cause.

BLUE focuses on combating overfishing by creating marine reserves, establishing sustainable models for fisheries and restoring marine habitats. It aims to place at least ten percent of the oceans under protection by 2020 and 30 percent by 2030. With their “London to Monaco Cycle Ride” they were able to accomplish just that the past years. This year everybody is invited to join online to each ride the distance of 1,033 km within 30 days. With the help of a virtual leaderboard, everyone’s progress can be tracked and viewed. Due to their strong physical and emotional connection to the oceans, Wrede Consulting joins the “London to Monaco Cycle Ride” again this year. Kay Wrede, CEO of Wrede Consulting says: “We are strongly connected to the oceans. Not only our jobs but also our free time correlates with them. Therefore, we feel responsible to help preserve them and whole-heartedly support our surveyors Chris Jackson and Toni Robles who will be participating as Team Wrede.”
Based in La Ciotat, Chris Jackson advises captains, yacht owners and shipyard management on all issues relating to surfaces and coatings during refit projects. He is a passionate cyclist and has already taken part in the full “London to Monaco Cycle Ride” last year. The surveyor will be participating in the Pyrenees as well as in the La Ciotat area. “I thoroughly enjoy this great opportunity to combine my personal recreation with achieving something positive for all. My entire professional and leisure life has involved the ocean and ocean related activities. I feel deeply connected to the ocean in many ways. It is great to know that the money raised really will be put to good use and achieve tangible results”, Jackson explains.
The second participant, Toni Robles, lives and works on the island Mallorca. Thanks to his home, he is able to pursue his hobby cycling all year round. Since his family was always linked to the sea and nautical activities due to their location, he enjoys supporting the ocean conservation. Robles will be participating all around Mallorca. The surveyor adds: “Wrede Consulting is a company committed to technological advances within the nautical industry to help preserve nature. Participating in this event shows our commitment to the cause.”
The “Virtual London to Monaco” takes place during the whole month of September. You can either join as a participant or support the good cause by donating money. Please join Wrede Consulting to support Chris and Toni by sponsoring their fundraising at http://bluemarinefoundation.enthuse.com/pf/chris-jackson or http://bluemarinefoundation.enthuse.com/pf/toni-robles.

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